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Ad Review: MasterCard Happy New Year

Spain has a very nice tradition taking place every new year’s eve. It’s called las 12 uvas de la suerte, and it goes like this: during the last 12 seconds before the bell strikes midnight, you eat one grape for every one second. It’s supposed to bring you luck in the new year. Having your mouth full of grapes, you have to say Feliz Año Nuevo and kiss the person next to you.

MasterCard ad by Universal McCann Spain

Via AotW

Since 1962, when midnight arrives, the clock on the Madrid square Puerta del Sol is being broadcasted on almost every TV channel in Spain. Obviously, audience ratings are quite high for this event. This popular tradition inspired the creatives at Universal McCann Spain to come up with this idea for nationwide broadcast during the famous twelve bell chimes. Read on…


It’s not a Brand. It’s History!

Arsenal Underground Station (London, UK)Do you use public transportation? Ever took the bus, the train, or the subway? (As we’re international: think of the Underground, the Tube, the Metro, the U-Bahn…) If you did, you might have experienced this already: a stop or station named after a commercial company.


Almost everywhere, mass transportation carriers are selling the names of their subway stations away for branding to corporations, even their most frequented and often historic ones. The brand isn’t placed above the line… Read on…


Slap them, because nobody cares: Multi-Billion Pharmaceutical Company sues Humanitarian Movement

On Wednesday, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson filed a lawsuit against the American Red Cross over the use of their trademark, the red cross symbol.

The hot potato

While the Red Cross uses the well-known badge for all of their activities, Johnson & Johnson doesn’t seem to like the fact Read on…


Persuasive Maneuvers, or: Client Squeezing Deluxe

The power of words can be incredible. But only if you use them at the right time. Learn how to make more out of a standard assignment by leveraging your client’s view of things.

What matters even more than what you say, is the time you choose to say it. If you have been given a standard brief (here: re-design the CI for a small local retailer), and you want to win the client for more, anticipate how your client thinks! Identify how she might react to innovations and new approaches, and if you prepare her step by step (by feeding her bit after bit of your knowledge and insight), you will never have a problem enhancing the nature and/or extent of your assignment.

Here is how I argued to convince a client that an unusual and innovative marketing concept was the right card to bet on - in addition to the job I actually accepted. Read on…


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