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The 5×5 secret Rules in Design and Advertising Series

secret rules in design and advertising in 5 thorough partsIn the design and advertising business, there are a few things to know before starting off. The 5×5 secret Rules in Design and Advertising series explains the 25 most important insights about this industry.

If you’re a freelancer, or if you look forward to going into freelance, you might find this quite interesting as well.

The 5×5 secret Rules in Design and Advertising

Part 1: Basic Rules

In this post, we deal with the very basics designers and freelancers have to face. Start here.

Part 2: The Rules of Composition

“Composition” describes the arrangement of the elements of art, or design, in an artwork, using the principles of design. Read about the techniques you can use to make your artwork more interesting and appealing.

Part 3: The Rules of Workflow and Getting it Done

Whether you’re working for an advertising agency or you are a freelancer, there are a few things everybody I know in the creative business incorporates. The nature of or jobs makes it necessary to rely on a few techniques that get our creative juices flowing.

Part 4: The Rules of Personal Matter

A job in the design field is certainly different from any job they tell our kids about at school. But what makes a designer successful in his job?

Part 5: The Rules of Business Relationships

In the 5th and final part of the 5×5 secret rules in design and advertising, we will deal with the part where you have to generate an income from your work. It’s a fact that a designer’s job comprises more than just design - you know this, especially if you’re a freelancer.


Criticize me! (for Designers)


Picture this: You spend hours and hours on a comp for a client, be it in advertising, identitiy, or web design. When you finally present your work to the client, you get something like “I don’t like it. Can you show me something else?”

Are you familiar with this scenario? Well, so am I. And so is every designer or art director I know. No matter how much effort we put into a design, there’s almost always gonna be somebody who will tear it apart. The question is: if we like it, why don’t they like it as well?

To understand why that is, and what we can do about it, let’s take a look at this situation for a second. Read on…


Your Client’s Bad Taste

Your Client’s Bad Taste

In design, half of the job is selling your work to your client. If you follow classic job procedures - acquire, design, sell -, you will have already noticed that it takes far more sweat to sell your design to the client than to acquire her in the first place. Why is that, and what can you do about it? Read on…


Copy vs. Visual

A couple of days ago, I stumbled over this. It made me laugh… and it’s just perfect to demonstrate the essence of this article.

Copy vs. Visual

Courtesty of

What makes this letter so funny? Quite simple: it supports the message visually. Let’s think about this for a minute. How can we apply this to advertising? Read on…


How to design better, faster than trial & error

How do you get design work done? When I have a new assignment, I’m usually eager to start sketching right away. Do you sit down immediately and draw something together? Or do you prefer to let your thoughts wander off and play around for a couple of days before you get started with the actual implementation?

I like to make the most out of my creativity. With experience growing, I identified some helpful guidelines I follow to improve the designing process - and the quality of my work. Read on…


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